Dog Training

The  dog  does  not  make  mistakes ...

We´ll  just  teach it  to do the right  thing

Our philosophy is to give the dogs all the conditions to do the right thing with the right knowledge and attitude. It is we as dog trainers who have to change something if it does not really go as we intended. The system that we train according to is built on taking small steps in the training and having a prepared plan in a systematic way, for all our training, regardless of what we train. Training in this way gives a rapid development and dog training becomes so much more fun. In short, we concentrate on development instead of solving "problems".

"A goal without a plan is just a dream"

- Jens Frank SWDI

Quality, Development  & Service

The words above is our leading words! We at Sweden K9 Dog Training have based our training on giving you as a customer quality and development on them courses you take with us. We make sure that you get a fast and good development in your training and we also give you the service that you are actually entitled to! Below you will find different courses that we offer and each course includes a detailed training plan that is individually adapted to each course participant. All courses are interspersed with practical training and theory about, among other things, different learning principles to give you the absolute best conditions for success in your dog training.

Functional Obedience

Laser Directionals

Scent Detection Basic

Verbal Directionals

Scent Detection Advanced